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I had phone in my pocket and it accidentally record a video. I’m sorry I spoke really fast we were told to be quick so I hope you guys understand.

Karen: Hi!

Me: (shyly) Hi!

Karen: How are you? 

Me: Doing Good

Karen: Good, who is this to?

Me: Shilo (spells out)SHILO

Karen: (spelling out my name)SHILO?

Me: (nods) I watched “Oculus” couple of days ago

Karen stops and *GASPS*

Me: You were amazing

Karen: Ah! Thank you so much

Me: Your welcome

Karen: Thank you for watching it

Me: Your welcome! See you at the photo op 

Karen: See you there! Bye!

Me: Okay Bye!

Karen: Bye

So this week I met…

1. Karl Urban

2. Karen Gillian

3. Nathan Fillion

4. Ran into Patrick Stewart

Watched Oculus today and I'm pretty this is what my conversation with Karen Gillian on Friday is going to be like...

Me: I watched Oculus this week.
Karen: Oh great! Did you like it?
Me: Yeah! Until the end...

I’m selling two of my SA Clara Oswald clothing

1. Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide dress

2. Season 8 top shop diamond blouse

Going to go watch Oculus tomorrow and then meet Karen Gillian on Friday.

It’s a Karen Gillan week for me :)

Clara Oswald Yumi Technicolour dress SZ UK 8

Whovians, I’m selling my Clara Oswald Yumi Technicolour dress that Jenna Coleman wore in “Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide”. 

Daenerys Targaryen: The Mother of Dragons

Sherlock AU - Save the Last Dance (inspired by x)

Irene’s plan to surprise Sherlock during the wedding’s reception falls apart, as she catches him already dancing with another woman.


This deserves more notes

Vote for Benedict Cumberbatch to come to Salt Lake Comic Con


Dear Sherlockians, Cumberbitches, and Cumbercollectives,

Please vote for Benedict to be one of the guest at comic-con! It’s been my wish to meet this wonderful actor.